Desantis 106 Sof-Tuck Inside the Pant S&W J Frame Revolver

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The Desantis Soft Tuck holster offers rugged value. Its spartan design rugged and each size fits many similarly sized guns.

Another great offering from Desantis.  The Sof-Tuck is a good combination of concealment, comfort and retention for CCW.  This is the perfect rig for the warmer months.  I also really enjoy using it when I have to make a quick trip to town.  The form factor of a j-frame, or something like the Ruger SP101 matches the rugged spartan design and  the philosophy of use of this holster.  While I prefer something like a cross breed mini tuck for long periods of CCW, the fact is that the SofTuck is inexpensive and rugged.

It should be noted that if you wear a belt that is too tight, you may run into some issues with re-holstering, as the pressure of the belt will compress the top, in spite of the very nice stiffener Desantis has added.  This is more of an issue, however, with semi-autos than it is with my Ruger sp101, as the profile of a revolver barrel is less boxy… but still something you should be aware of.

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