Desantis Intruder IWB for Glock

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This style of hoster is bar none one of the most comfortable you can wear for extended CCW.  I have worn this holster continuously for 24 hours on road trips, including short in-car naps while at campgrounds enroute.  I highly recommend this type of holster, and Desantis makes one of the best.  Get it here at a great discount.

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  1. Bob, I wanted to drop you a line and say I love the show. I have been in law enfmeceornt for the last fifteen years and for someone who has not been, you do have a great knowledge base about firearms. I now work for an agency in which we carry a sig 229 .357 concealed on a daily basis. Many of us have sworn by comp-tec, high noon, and cross breed holsters. Very good choice! I was listening to the show the other day while working and you commented on changing how you release the slide when you run dry. We practice this on a regular basis and thought I may offer a suggestion. Speed is our main advantage in my line of work. We train to use the momentum of inserting the magazine into the well to assist with activating the slide release. This also ensures you full seat the mag and will not have a failure to feed. As soon as your finger hits the mag release, move it to your slide release. As you send the new mag home, all you have to do is hand on to the slide release and it will work. Using this method we can engage five targets, with two rounds each, and a reload in five seconds. It takes practice but it will increase your speed. Reloads is one of the easiest areas to increase/decrease your time. The last thing I will leave you with is simple drill to assist with losing your fine motor skills. Take you gun apart and lay it on the table, including your mag. Mix the pile up so that the pieces are scattered. Do a couple of minutes of continuous exercise to increase your heart rate, ie push ups, sit ups, running in place. After you get your rate up, assemble the gun and the mag. If you have the availability, as soon as you assemble your gun and mag, attempt to shoot a rack of plates at ten yards. It is very difficult at first, but this will help you to control your breathing, heart rate, and trigger press while under stress. Again love the show and I look forward to new episodes. If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me. Airborne SheepdogMy rig is actually true spec truss system or i carry a DeSantis IWB holster and keep my other gear on my GOOD kydex belt

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