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CCW at the ready in a Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger sling pack

First and foremost, let me state that I believe that the best place for a defensive handgun is on your body, in a holster. That being stated, there are some times when carrying in a holster is not practical. In these instances, I like to utilize a backpack modified in a specific manner.

customized velcro-backed leather holster (on left) vs generic nylon holster on right

Most CCW backpacks are designed with concealed zipper or velcro pouches designed to hold your firearm.  They do a great job of concealing your handgun, but where they fall short is the holster.

Most CCW bags have a one-sized fits all holster, usually made of nylon, which provides limited retention and can delay the speed of your presentation.  I have found that modifying a pancake style holster can really make a difference when you present from a CCW backpack.

What I have done, and what I can strongly recommend is to take a pancake style leather holster (any kind will do, but I prefer one with a thumb break so my firearm stays put while I jostle around in my pack)

find an inexpensive pancake holster with a thumb break and place adhesive industrial velcro on the back

I then utilize the velcro in the back of the Maxpedition pack to make my holster ready…

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  1. AaronNovember 20, 2011 I’m a retired LEO. This is my go to htsoler nowadays. It is a lot better than what we used to use back in the day! The only problem is the length on the barrel on my 1911 htsoler can be uncomfortable when sitting.

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