Bianchi 100 Professional-Tan Size 9 RH #19226

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Bianchi 100 Holster

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  1. I researched farily heavily before I decided to try the Cross Breed IWB Super Tuck holster. I carry a full size Springfield 1911 with it every day. It is very comfortable with an under shirt and is ok without an under shirt and give full concealment just with a shirt, I can’t stand wearing even a light jacket just to hot. I would recommend if you are only going to wear a single outside shirt covering the holster and not an under shirt also that you go without the combat cut it will be more comfortable. That is my only complaint about the holster. I can work a full day with it and not mind. Other than working a full day without it and feeling light. My other two carry holsters are for when I am hunting and they are a both tactical thigh rigs for my 1911 and XD.Good Luck

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